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Luxury Home Theater System & Interior Decor.

This has been a LG Oled C9 kinda week. I have installed 7 of these bad boys bet Mon -Sat, I need to find out where they are being given away☻. The 77 inch LG C9 is literally a work of art, especially if you put it in album mode, yes it's a premium television but it's a versatile #integrable smart beauty that features LG ThinQ AI technology that should get the #whiteglovetreatment when being installed. The C9 is complemented by #googleassistant & #amazonalexa built in with the Mic on the remote, not the television. In 4 of the installations, sound was provided via a LG SL8YG, An Okyo surround sound receiver powering ELAC speakers, a Sonos Playbar and a Samsung HW MS650.

Interior Decor

This classic Regent Clarinet, that is over 50 years old is sitting on a glass shelf below and complements this  Ken Wakeshima limited numbered print to add some more character to this music themed space.

Phish Posters - Artwork Installation

Had to go install these signed and framed Phish posters for a regular client in Chelsea, NYC. He also had 2 limited prints by artist  Adam Hale.


Phish NYE


Phish Curveball Map


Adam Hale - Money Tree


Phish Rage Rock